The avocado seed, the ally of your health

Avocado is known to be a superfood, having multiple properties beneficial to the human body, but do you know what it can do to handle regular avocado consumption?


Being an important source of essential fatty acids, it helps to regulate cholesterol levels, stimulates the activity of body organs and thus helps you enjoy a healthy life with your loved ones.

Avocado seeds contain 70% of the total amount of antioxidants, the remaining 30% being found in both the pulp and the bark, so the next time you consume this fruit will not throw the seeds any more.

It should be noted that more soluble fiber is found in the avocado seeds than in oats, and this helps prevent cardiovascular disease, control the bad cholesterol levels and stay away from a potential heart attack.

Seeds powder, anti-inflammatory

Yes, that’s right.

Next time, do not throw the seed anymore, clean it lightly with its brown bark and then turn it into a powder with a grinder.

This will give you a real drug that treats digestive problems, diarrhea and intestinal cramps. You can make a natural coffee from this powder because avocado powder is an excellent substitute for coffee.

Reduces blood glucose

Avocado is an excellent ally of your silhouette, has a good potassium content for the cardiovascular system, and also contains phenolic compounds that help prevent stomach ulcers and infections.

Antioxidant source

Avocado consumes both pulp and powdered seeds to support the health of the immune system due to the amount of antioxidants that fight free radicals and thus slow down the aging process. In addition, it enjoys real anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, thus being a good ally preventing atrias and other degenerative diseases.

Avocado oil is one of the best allies of your skin.

Although it has a little astringent smell, it helps to increase the level of collagen in the skin, it is also ideal for hair, helping to increase it and at the same time giving it glow.

The avocado seed, the ally of your health



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