Nutrition: 6 tips to convince your children to eat healthier

For many parents, buying and preparing food is a pretty easy task. The real challenge is to persuade the little ones to eat these healthy foods. This turns meal time into a frustrating time for both adults and children, making parents wonder if their nose gets enough vitamins and nutrients. If you are also confronted with these questions, I have prepared some tips for you to convince the most mournful child to eat healthily!


Nutrition: 6 tips to convince your children to eat healthier

Focus on a balanced diet, not on specific foods:

to promote healthy eating habits that your life will follow all your life, give it a diet based on as many natural, nourishing and minimally processed foods.

Cook with your children:

The little ones enjoy participating by helping adults with shopping, choosing lunch for school lunch or helping to prepare dinner. It is also a chance for you to teach them about the nutritional properties of different foods, and for older children how to read food labels.

Transform family meals into a habit:

Knowing that dinner is served around the same hour every evening and that the whole family will be sitting around the table is refreshing and improves appetite. Breakfast is another great opportunity for a family meal.

Do not be discouraged if your little one does not eat too much:

It is preferable not to ask your children to leave the “clean” plate at every meal and to force them to eat if they no longer want. You better tell them you’ll put aside what’s left of the portion and I can eat it later when it’s hungry. More importantly, never use food as a reward or bribe to influence the behavior of the little ones.

Be a good example:

Do not buy products that you ban your children, whom you eat freely. Make sure you make good choices when it comes to diet. Discard excess sweets and carbonated beverages in favor of nourishing snacks, fruit and natural juices. This way, the little ones will be more motivated to walk through the traces and form healthy eating habits.

Keep your children as many fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy snacks and drinks (flat water, milk, fruit and vegetable juices) so that the little ones become accustomed to making good choices for their health.



6 tips to convince your children to eat healthier

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