Food Curiosity

Food Curiosity

Throughout his life, man feeds for about 4 years and sleeps on average 25 years

The only food that does not deteriorate is honey


The tea is the second drink consumed in the world, quantitatively, by water

Grapes are in 3rd place in the top of the most cultivated fruit in the world after bananas and oranges

The oranges are originally from China

It is considered that banana is the first fruit planted by man

The oldest vegetable used by humans is cabbage

Rosie and pumpkin are considered botanically fruits and not vegetables

Onions are the most used vegetable in the world

Throughout his life, a single cow gives over 200,000 glasses of milk

Milk is assimilated by 97% by the body Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra,it was so beautiful thanks the baths he made in goat’s milk, known for the anti-inflammatory qualities of the skin

A chicken makes an average of between 250 and 270 eggs a year

The shell is 9-12% of the total weight of an egg and contains pores that allow the oxygen to penetrate and the carbon dioxide and moisture out of the egg

There are 20,000 species of fish

So here’s how you can change the way you eat, because fish is good for health!



Food Curiosity

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