What your Sleeping Position Says about your Personality

If you sleep in different positions and not in one particular, then it is a sign that you have a personality with multiple faces, hidden, and you do not even fully understand yourself.

Sleep positions



1.If you can not fall asleep without sticking your knees as you lie down, then you are a calm and trusting person.

Do not leave yourself slightly offended and you are not afraid of the future. You smile even in the most terrible winter morning and you adapt seamlessly to almost any change in your life.


2. If you are always sleeping in a fetal position, you often feel the need to be protected, understood and sympathetic.

By obeying this way you try to avoid the problems you face in the world around you. You can perfectly express your talents and potential through painting, dancing or writing on a blog.


3.If you sleep on your belly, with your arms and legs apart, then you are a leader.

You are impulsive, take the initiative and make sure that there is order in your personal and professional life. You most likely prefer to plan everything in advance, and I do not like surprises. You have the ability to persevere and your sense of responsibility helps you achieve success.


4.If you are sleeping on your back, then you are most likely a positive person who loves life.

You are accustomed to being in the spotlight and loving to have a pleasant companion. You work with obstinacy and perseverance, but in a rational way, and you always prefer to tell the truth. People who sleep in this position often have very strong personalities.


5.If you sleep as a soldier in the straight position, lying on your back, arms with your body, then you are most likely a very well-adapted person who knows his goals and strives to achieve them on his own.

You can be strict, pedantic and demanding, but most of the expectations you have from your own person.


6.If you are sleeping with a bent leg, there is a chance to have an unpredictable personality that is often attracted to all sorts of adventures, while your mood can change so quickly that it can generate confusion for those around you.

It is often difficult for you to make a decision or make a choice. At large, at work and in life, in general, you prefer stability, peace, quietness and seriousness.

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