Argan Oil: Benefits of “Gold Liquid” in Morocco

The Argan, with the scientific name Argania Spinosa, is a tree that grows only in the Moroccan area.


Argan fruits and seeds are used in traditional Moroccan cuisine and in the cosmetics industry. Argan oil is a vegetable oil made from argan seeds and is also known as Maroccan Oil because in Morocco there is the only tree of argan trees in the world.

Argan oil is mainly used in the cosmetics industry due to preventive and curative properties, but it also contains beneficial substances for treating various internal diseases, preventing and fighting cancer and preventing aging.


What does argan oil contain?


Argan oil contains primarily fatty acids: 44% oleic acid, 30% alpha-linoleic acid, 12% palmitic acid, 6% stearidonic acid, 5% linoleic acid and 3% myristic acid. Then it has a very high content of vitamin E, even close to 10 times larger than olive oil, perhaps the highest vitamin E concentration of all foods known to date. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids like Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, making it a treasure for cosmetic treatments.

What are the benefits of argan oil in cosmetics?

  1. Hair care with argan oil


Argan oil gives light to the hair, nourishes it, making it soft, silky, durable and healthier. It also protects it from the harmful effects of the sun and gives it strength even to thin and fragile hair. When you go to the beach, massage your hair a few drops of Argan oil as soon as you get out of the water, and it will form a shield against sunlight and salty water.


For fragile and fragile hair, treatment with argan oil is ideal, but you can also use it if you have fat or no hair.


What are the advantages of using hair argan oil?


  • regenerates split hair cells due to the Omega 3 and Omega 9 content
  • soften the hair and make it beautiful
  • moisturizes hair and gives it elasticity
  • smooths hair making it easier to comb and trim
  • prevents the harmful effects of sun, wind, saltwater
  • nourishes the hair, strengthens it and helps it to recover after drying with the feather, after stretching with plaque or curl, after painting or the constant application of the fixative
  1. Skin care with argan oil


Argan oil has a powerful antioxidant, moisturizing and repairing effect. Regularly applied, provides skin elasticity, nourishes, heals and prevents stretching. Due to the high vitamin E content, argan oil has amazing powers of healing wounds, burns, eczema, psoriasis, and helps eliminate rosacea, inflammation and skin infections. Tocophenol (a powerful antioxidant in argan oil) is responsible for the oil’s anti-aging effect, helping to reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin.


Even if it’s an oil, and oils are usually fat, argan oil can be used with great results and fat-rich people.


What are the advantages of using argan oil for the skin?

  • treats dry skin, moisturizes and restores natural pH
  • fades the wrinkles, provides elasticity and smoothes the skin
  • oxygenates the cells and has a tonic effect
  • protects skin against ultraviolet radiation
  • regulates the release of sebum of fatty skin and gives it luminosity
  • fade the spots
  • regenerates the skin and reduces scarring
  • treats acne and other skin conditions
  1. Nail care using argan oil


Argan oil is one of the best treatments for nail care. Strengthens your nails, helps them recover, cares for cuticles, and protects against harmful outside agents such as detergents, heat or cold, and various substances they can get in touch with.


Applying argan oil to the cuticle in the evenings before bedtime will help you get rid of the redness caused by the burglary, the irritations caused by rupturing the cuticles and it will speed up their healing. For a perfect and lasting manicure all argan oil is the solution because it protects your nails very well and will help keep the nail layer for longer without cracking. Argan oil is a real remedy for the foot mushroom or nails incarnated because of the high fatty acid content.


What are the advantages of using nail argan oil?

  • fortifies nails and prevents their tearing
  • moisturizes nails and cuticles
  • removes the redness around the nails and hurts the healing
  • helps reduce the inflammation and irritation of the cuticle
  • helps to regenerate nail cells and their health
  • removes stains from nails and fights against incarnate nails and mushrooms
  • prevents damage to the manicure and gives it glow
  1. Care of the scalp using argan oil


Argan oil is also a good treatment for a dry scalp, helping to hydrate the skin of the scalp and eliminate dandruff by hurrying the regeneration process. If you experience itchy scalp caused by either dyeing or a shampoo that does not stick to you, you can use argan oil. And even if you do not have any of these problems, you can apply argan oil to your scalp anyway to keep it healthy.


What are the advantages of using scalp argan oil?

  • feeds the scalp
  • contributes to the removal of dandruff
  • soothes itching
  • it helps to regenerate and heal the skin
  • keep your head healthy
  1. Hand care using argan oil


The skin of the hands is most likely to suffer from aggressions in the environment and from interacting with hard water or various detergent substances, or with cold in the winter.


The dry and cracked skin of the hands is easily repaired with argan oil, just like redness caused, for example, by exposure to cold. It penetrates rapidly into affected skin and nourishes dry tissues, contributes to intracellular oxygenation and cell repair. The hand skin becomes so healthy, elastic and velvety.

What are the advantages of using argan oil for your hands?

  • softens and gives skin elasticity
  • feeds tissues
  • treats the skin dry and cracked by cold or exposure to detergents or soaps
  • removes redness of hands
  • stimulates cell regeneration.
  1. Treating stretch marks using argan oil

Argan oil is excellent as a treatment for stretch marks for pregnant women, and not only because it is able to regenerate, cure, and restore elasticity. Future moms can start using regular argan oil to prevent stretch marks from the first months of pregnancy. A massage applied regularly to the whole body with argan oil will help your skin pass more easily over the various stages of a pregnancy without leaving unsightly signs behind. Of course, not only future moms can benefit from this treatment, argan oil massage can be a pleasant and beneficial experience for everyone.

What are the advantages of using argan oil in stretch marks?

  • regenerates the skin
  • helps to prevent and heal stretch marks
  • restores the elasticity of the skin to the area where they have emerged
  • can also be used for body massage
  1. Treating cellulite using argan oil

Cellulite, or the so-called orange peel skin, can be removed by following a daily massage based on argan massage. It is rich in tocopherols that have a draining effect on the skin, stimulates blood circulation and can displace the fat deposited. Through circular movements the oil penetrates the skin and stimulates the burning of fats and the restoration of healthy cells. Of course, massage alone does not guarantee you amazing results if you do not take some changes in your lifestyle and daily nutrition.


Argan oil for massage


What are the advantages of using argan oil in treating cellulite?

  • stimulates local blood circulation
  • helps to dissolve and dissolve the fat stored immediately beneath the skin
  • restores skin cells


  1. Get a uniform and healthy tan


Argan oil is a 100% natural autronizer. Rich in beta-carotene, argan oil helps you get a uniform and long-lasting tan. Even without repeated exposure to the sun, the bronze will keep its shine. Applied to the skin after sun exposure, it will hydrate the skin and relieve the discomfort created by irritation or sunburn.


What are the advantages of using argan oil in sun exposure?

  • contributes to obtaining a uniform and long-lasting bronze
  • soothes irritated skin or sunburn


Argan oil. Much appreciated in cosmetics.

Argan oil can be found in many cosmetic products because of the unique beneficial properties it has.


We can find it in shampoo, argan oil being known for its ability to repair the hair and the soothing effect on the scalp.

The hair balm can also contain argan oil, intensely nourishing hair, giving it elasticity and beauty.

The argan oil shower gel will gently cleanse your skin and feed it.

Hand creams can contain argan oil due to the repellent, soothing and moisturizing effect.

Body creams or body lotions can be rich in argan oil, regenerating, moisturizing and soothing.

Massage oils can contain argan oil, especially those designed to treat cellulite and stretch marks.

Argan oil cleanser not only removes impurities but also helps to wrinkle and elasticize the skin.

The argan oil rhyme will regenerate your genes and strengthen them.


Cosmetic treatments with argan oil, which you can do yourself at home

  1. Cosmetic treatment for the face

Face treatment with argan oil is extremely moisturizing and repair affected tissues. If you apply it in the evening, before bedtime, it will protect your skin and you will wake up with a velvety skin. You can also apply it to your face before applying makeup.

  1. Anti-wrinkle treatment

From 4 tablespoons of argan oil and 4 drops of lemon essential oil you can get an excellent treatment that will blur the wrinkles. Apply it tonight on wrinkle areas. The blend is also effective for blushing surface scars or treating acne.

  1. Cosmetic hair treatment

To treat split and dry hair, stretch argan oil over the entire surface of the hair or just on the tips and uniformize by combing. Cover your hair with a warm towel, keep for 20 minutes, and finally wash your shampoo and rinse.


For loose hair mix half a cup of yogurt with a few drops of argan oil. Apply it on wet hair, let it work for 15 minutes and then rinse and wash your hair with a natural, organic shampoo if you can.


For fatty hair, prepare a simple mixture of 4-5 drops of argan oil and 1 teaspoon of honey, which is recommended to apply twice a week. Treatment will regulate the secretion of sebum and will heal the sun-damaged or painted hair.

  1. Cosmetic treatment for nails

Brush your nails and cuticles with argan oil and let it work overnight or prepare a mixture of argan oil with a little lemon juice in which you will soften your nails for 10 minutes. Nails will be stronger and healthier cuticles.

  1. Self-treatment

Mix 5 tablespoons of argan oil with 5 drops of essential carrot oil and apply it every morning after the shower on dry skin to keep the bronze glow. The mixture can be used for one week if kept at a maximum of 25 degrees and protected from light.

  1. Cosmetic treatment against cellulite

From 10ml of argan oil, 8 drops of essential oil of lemon and 10ml of paraffin oil you get a mixture that helps you get rid of cellulite. By daily massage of the affected areas with this elixir, the orange peel appearance will blur.




Argan oil is often used in the preparation of face masks due to the ability to regenerate, hydrate, prevent premature aging of the skin and wrinkle. Here are some ideas for natural face masks:


10 drops of argan oil, 1 teaspoon of organic yogurt and 1 spoonful of organic honey are the ingredients for a toning and anti-wrinkle mask. Apply the mask lightly masking the skin, let it act for 20 minutes then rinse with cold water.

1 tablespoon of argan oil, 1 tablespoon of organic honey and 1 egg yolk blended together will become a mask that will give you the elasticity and firmness of your skin.

From a spoon of argan oil, 1 honey lemon, 2 tablespoons of peach purée, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal, 2 drops of lemon essential oil and 2 drops of rose oil, you get a face mask that will give you firmness and glow of the skin.

A 25g of clay, a few drops of water and a few drops of argan oil will gently cleanse your skin, soothe it and make it shiny. Apply the mask on the face and wait for it to dry before cleaning it with abundant water.

1 teaspoon of Argan oil and puree made from half a banana and half an avocado. That’s what you need to get an anti-wrinkle mask that hydrates and cleanses the skin.



Argan oil for hair


From a teaspoon of argan oil, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and avocado puree you get a good mask just to give your hair a glow and nourishment. If you still prepare it, it is good to know that it is beneficial to the skin, blushing the wrinkles and softening the skin.

1 tablespoon of argan oil, 1 organic egg yolk and a little organic milk are the natural ingredients from which you can get a hair mask that will leave your hair soft, velvety and shiny. Apply the mask over the entire length of your hair, cover with a warm towel, let it act for 60 minutes, then rinse and wash your hair with shampoo.

10 ml of argan oil, 2 tablespoons of honey and 1-2 teaspoons of lukewarm water is all you need to repair hair affected by dyeing, discoloration or sun exposure. Apply the mask from the roots to the tips, cover with a warm towel, let it act for a maximum of 30 minutes, then rinse and wash the hair with shampoo. Repeat the treatment once a week and your hair will thank you.

With 1 tablespoon of argan oil and juice from a lemon bio you get a mask for hair and scalp. It is ideal for soothing the itch, dry scalp and hair. Apply the mask on the scalp and over the entire length of your hair with light massage, let it act for 15 minutes, then rinse and wash your hair.

A hair mask made from half a cup of yoghurt and a few drops of argan oil will give you the volume of your hair. Apply mask to wet hair, let it act for 15 minutes, then rinse and wash with shampoo.

What are the benefits of argan oil for health (medicinal properties)?


Although argan oil is most commonly used in skin treatments, it can be administered internally, consumed as food, and has a lot of medicinal properties.


  1. Argan oil can fight cancer


Rich content of sterol (a powerful antioxidant) helps cleanse the body, stimulates the recovery of healthy cells and inhibits existing cancer cells.


  1. Argan oil protects the health of the heart


Argan oil consumed instead of dietary oils can help restore cholesterol levels, thus preventing myocardial infarction, vascular accident and various cardiac diseases.


  1. Argan oil lowers your blood sugar


Also, because of the high amount of antioxidants, argan oil is a food that lowers blood glucose levels and protects the body from the harmful effect of free radicals.


  1. Argan oil adjusts digestion


Consumption of argan oil stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, thus contributing to effective, healthy digestion and greater nutrient intake.


  1. Argan oil protects the liver


Add some argan oil to one of the meals of the day and you will benefit from its hepatoprotective properties. Antioxidants will also contribute to liver detoxification and healthy functioning.


  1. Argan oil helps you lose weight


Argan oil is good for weakening as it reduces appetite and hunger. Two teaspoons of argan oil taken every morning on the empty stomach can do wonders for silhouette.



The virgin argan oil offers aroma and a delicious taste. In Morocco, argan oil is consumed in salads, couscous or bread. Here are some ways to integrate argan oil into your diet:

  • Argan oil can be used as dressing in salads
  • can be added to various meat preparations
  • can also be added to the soups or to the preparation of hummus
  • can flavor the vegetable dishes
  • offers a great taste to desserts
  • can complement the snack between meals (organic yoghurt with organic honey and a few drops of argan oil is aromatic, tasty and healthy)

How to store Argan oil?

It is good to know that argan oil is not at all pretentious and can be stored just like any other oil, protected from moisture, heat and light. Once the container has been opened, argan oil retains its properties for about 18 months.


So, I hope I convinced you that it’s good to have argan oil in the house. Whether you feed it, consume it as a medicine or use it for cosmetic purposes, it will not disappoint you.

And another final recommendation, if I can take a little longer. As I used to, or tried to do it on the Health Tricks blog, please try as much as possible to use organic argan oil and prepare the recipe above with certified organic ingredients.


Because you want to take advantage of their unaltered properties of exposure to the chemicals or pesticides used in their cultivation. Both. I wish you a lot of health, care, and … soon!

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Argan Oil: Benefits of "Gold Liquid" in Morocco


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