Cures for Painful Joints

Cold weather, humidity, high temperature differences between day and night cause and sustain frequent joint pains during this period, even in healthy people.

The solution is not found at the pharmacy, because there are synthetic drugs that, besides being very expensive, do not cure rheumatism, it only relieves pain. It is known that anti-inflammatory and painkillers have side effects, some of them written on the medicine leaflet.

Cures for Painful Joints

Even some physicians have found that more effective medication is inherited from the elderly, cheap and therefore at the expense of everyone, and many recommend them. In the case of joint pain, we drink herbal teas that have detoxifying, diuretic and antalgic (pain) effect such as nettle, juniper, devilS-claw, cat’s-claw, Elderberry, sweet-wood, horse-tail .

Also useful is a tea prepared from a mixture of plants, equal parts, nettle, horsetail and Yarrow. For detoxification it is recommended that this tea be drunk daily for three weeks, even up to two liters a day. Add one tablespoon of herb to one liter of boiled water, leave for a few minutes, then filter. The tea is unsweetened or sweetened with a spoonful of honey.

Do not use sugar in tea for healing painful joints.

The onion decoction is very helpful in relieving joint pains. Wash well three suitable onions, cut or crush them with the bark, and boil them for a quarter hour in a liter of water when they begin to boil. The preparation varies in three and drinks over the course of a day. The detoxifying effect also has grapes, melons, plums that are still found in the market, on producers’ stalls and they are not to be avoided.


For external use, in healing painful joints, massage is recommended on the painful area with essential mint oil that can be purchased from the health store. Mint infusion pressures applied daily to the painful place for 10-15 minutes reduce joint or back pain. Mint infusion is prepared by turning a cup of boiled water over a spoonful of dried and crushed plant.

Cataplasms with heated cabbage leaves and sprinkled with Swedish bitter or water-mixed apple vinegar  also have the gift of relieving back or joint pains. Over the cabbage leaves pass easily with the dagger, so long as it dips the ribs, they heat on a cover placed on a hot water pot, sprinkle with bitter and apply to the painful place, in a layer of four, five sheets. Well fixed, the cabbage leaves can be kept all night.


Treatments for painful  joints pain are lasting. Effects can sometimes be immediate but, at the slightest change of weather, the pain can be resumed with even more force. That’s why we need a lot of patience, perseverance and trust.

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