How do we get rid of belly fat? Myths and Practical Solutions

How do we get rid of fat from the abdomen? Myths and Practical Solutions

Fat prefers abdomen area …

You have nothing to do with them. This is the truth.

I’m serious! It’s like a magnet that attracts those nonstick coats that prevent you from closing your favorite jeans and who come out unaesthetically  when you’re wearing molded clothes.

You know what I mean…

But have you ever asked one of these questions:

“How do I get rid of my fat on my belly?”

“Why does fat on the abdomen harder, compared to other areas of the body?”

Fat is stored more on the abdomen and on the hips compared to other areas of the body because of a combination of slow and genetic lymphatic system.

Most lymph nodes end in the thighs, behind the arms and in the median area.

But there is a solution for you!

So I made a list of the main myths and solutions so you do not waste time with ineffective methods to remove fat from your abdomen.

How to get rid of the fat belly effectively

Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from someone with 7-year experience as a personal coach, during which he worked with hundreds of women, some of them with the same problems as yours.

Let’s see the most widespread 5 myths.

Truth or Dare?

In this article I will show you the main myths that I found on the internet but which do not help you in any way reach your goal.

In addition, if you read to the end, I will give you the opportunity to take part in my waist thinning and abdominal strength program.


Myth 1: 1000 crunches per day


Not crunches helps to remove fat from the abdomen.

Muscle tissue has nothing to do with fat, so as long as you can not strain fat, your abdomen has no role in getting rid of your fat belly.

In addition, as you will find out, everything is about calories ingested for calories consumed, and crunches does not lead to a high caloric consumption.

Compared tocrunches, squats consume the most calories per repetition of all exercises.

Why waste your time with ineffective exercises when you can go straight to the target and streamline every second you train.


Myth 2: Lifts the legs for the lower abdomen


There is no upper abdomen or lower abdomen.

Abdominal muscles are made up of a single muscle group: “Rectus abdominis”.

There is no upper or lower abdomen.

There are also no different exercises for each of the 6 squares in the picture below.

You will ask me now how the upper part of the abdomen looks fitter and the lower part is still covered with fat.

The answer is simple:

The fat is stored in the lower part of the abdomen, but this is just a surface problem, not related to the abdominal muscles found beneath the fat layer.

The feet lift does not directly stimulate the abdomen, but only the iliac muscle (which connects the thigh and the pelvis).

But the more you stand in the raised leg position, the more the abdomen has to work to support the body straight.


Myth 3: “The wonder machine that gets rid of your belly fat”


As you saw above, by working your abdomen you will not be able to lose weight, just to tone up your muscles.

Vibromassage, electrostimulation, or even those that facilitate abdominal flexion will not get rid of your belly fat.

No matter what those teleshopping ads would say, I’m confident that if you read this article you are an intelligent person who can not easily fall into their net.

Some of the most effective exercises for the abdomen do not even involve fitness machines.

In fact, we’ve created an entire abdomen training system that can help you tone your abdomen and get extra centimeters extra for just 10 minutes a day, using just your body weight, a sofa and two bottles of water.


Myth 4: “Sprinting for thin waist and toned abdomen”


Sprinting and intensity training are more effective than long-lasting cardiovascular workouts.


Recent studies have shown that it is the most effective way to consume calories, but everything comes at a price.

Once your body adjusts to the sprint stimulus, it will learn to reduce the number of calories needed to perform the same exercise.

Instead, alternating sprints with resistance training leads to consistent results


Myth 5: “The belly –fat–elimination diet”

TRUE and a little FALS!


A healthy and balanced diet is the key to success when you want to get rid of your belly fat.

However, reducing calories under basic metabolism leads to stagnation of progress. Gradually decreases the number of calories to create a caloric deficit weekly.

Crush-diet food regimes are the sure path to stagnating progress.

We have compiled a list of  simple steps that will help you better understand the steps you need to do to achieve your goal.

It contains information about training and nutrition that any woman who wants a flat abdomen should know them.

What is the most effective way to get rid of fat on the abdomen?


Step 1. Do not waste your time with just one area

99% of the women we coached believed that the centimeters in the waist is done with abdominal exercises.

Nothing further from the truth.

Exercises for the abdomen and the medial area, but to subdue it should include exercises that work the large muscle groups of the body such as the thighs, back, posterior and chest.


Step 2. Forget the cardio, do the sprinting

Long-term workouts are weak as well as intensity.

Do a simple test:

Run gently for 10 minutes. (Okay, let’s say 5 minutes to finish reading this article) – What did you notice?

Now run fast on the spot (how hard you can) for 30 seconds.

Which of the two variants was more intense?

Do you think you could make sprints without stopping for 10 minutes?

Intensity is inversely proportional to the workout volume, the longer you train, the lower the intensity.

But how intensity is one of the most important aspects of an effective workout, if you are doing daily cardio classes, you risk never seeing the results you want.


Step 3. Give up the processed sugar and replace with sweeteners

Processed sugar is the greatest enemy of your feminine waist.

If you want to keep your FIT forms you’ve got through sweating and sacrifices, then replace coffee sugar, cakes or pancakes with natural sweeteners such as  honey.

I know it’s going to be hard at first, but believe me really worth it.My advice is to start at the beginning with only 48 hours without processed sugar.

At the end, see how you feel, what are the changes and decide whether or not you want to continue with this way.




How do we get rid of belly fat? Myths and Practical Solutions


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