You need to know: 5 Vaginal Yeast Infections Without Symptoms!

Yeast is a fungus that normally lives in the vagina in small numbers. A vaginal yeast infectionmeans that too many yeast cells are growing in the vagina . These infections are very common. Although they can bother you a lot, they are not usually serious. And treatment is simple.

It is said that genital ailments do not “forgive” any woman, so by the age of 30 every woman had at least one vaginal infection, whether she started sexually or not.

Moreover, vaginal infections begin at younger ages, characterized by minor symptoms such as mild embarrassment in the vulva area or only changes in secretions without other associated symptoms. Also, some vaginal infections develop by disturbing vaginal flora, not necessarily sexually transmitted diseases. This is very important for couples when a disorder of this kind arises, as questions of infidelity may arise.

Vaginal affections are not always manifested by obvious symptoms, but can evolve into important pathologies such as colic wound that can degenerate into cervical cancer. Neither the wound on the hip is not symptomatic, so it is recommended that any woman carry out the secretion analysis every year.

Asymptomatic vaginal infections are considered to be those vaginal illnesses with minimal symptoms, easily neglected, so that the symptoms are either hard to detect by the woman in question or are easily ignored.

Symptoms of vaginal infections easily neglected or hard to see:

Minimal changes in vaginal secretions: either become yellowish or more consistent, but they do not change their smell so they do not attract the attention of the woman in question. That’s why it’s recommended to wear shields to control your “quality” of vaginal secretions.

Stings to the vaginal area – occurs when the vulva is slightly irritated and accentuates the use of soap;

Pinch in sexual intercourse, either during copulation or immediately after sexual intercourse. Pinch is manifested as either stinging, burning or  vaginal pain;

Pelvic pains may result from a vaginal infection with atypical manifestations;

Sometimes the woman does not notice any changes, but the partner may have genital problems as a secondary manifestation of vaginal diseases transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Sometimes even menstrual disorders can come from infections in the genital area, whether or not associated with vaginal diseases;

Vaginal infections without symptoms you need to know

Vaginal candidiasis

Vaginal candidiasis occurs by the excessive multiplication of a fungus that normally lives in the vaginal flora: Candida albicans. Candidiasis does not always show obvious manifestations so many women can have the disease without being aware of it. However, minors may appear and a careful woman can notice them: slight changes in vaginal secretion, this becomes more conspicuous and yellow, even if it does not yet have the smell altered.

Vaginal candidiasis is often discovered in the analysis of vaginal secretions and is a common pathology among women. Sometimes it can be manifested in the man, presenting on penis head, sometimes with a yellow liquid, which breaks and unfolds at the level of the penis head and penis mucus. There are situations in which the man is manifested first, then the woman will notice the vaginal pathology in a secretion examination.

Vaginitis with Gardnerella vaginalis

Most of the time vaginitis with Gardnerella vaginalis is not symptomatic for a long time. In fact, the symptoms are so discrete that women can hardly notice or easily  ignore them. Gardnerella modifies vaginal secretions in terms of consistency and color: they become more consistent, even creamy and yellowish. Also before or after menstrual bleeding the secretions of the woman are more consistent, so it is often difficult to make a difference between the two consistencies. Sometimes the secretion is white and creamy, but no odor. The woman may also have a slight embarrassment after sexual intercourse, but it is rapidly passing.

There are situations where the man is manifested and so is discovered and vaginated to the woman. Manifestations of Gardnerella infection in man consist of the appearance of small bubbles in the penis mucosa which dries and it is rusty, sometimes the penis becomes difficult to take off.

Chlamydia vaginitis

Chlamydia vaginosis can be asymptomatic in many situations, but it must not be neglected because it can evolve with pelvic inflammatory disease and sterility. That’s why insist on making annual secretion test, and if you recently changed your partner, you should go to the gynecologist for a series of tests. Typically, some vaginatis appear to change partner after a long relationship.


Also known as blenorrhage, is an infectious-contagious disease produced by gonococcal or Neisseria Gonorrhoeae. It’s not always symptomatic, there are women no obvious manifestations, only abundant vaginal secretions. However, there are native women with abnormal vaginal secretions, so the clinical difference is very difficult to do. Secretion analysis puts the diagnosis. It is important to diagnose this condition because it can lead to serious health problems, infertility, but also problems outside the genital sphere, for example cardiac disorders.

Allergic vaginitis

Some women may be allergic or may make the vaginal mucosal irritations in the use of tampons. Sometimes the manifestations are discreet, but local floral disorders lead to association with other bacterial or fungal vaginosis. When using prolonged tampons, when women use only tampons at each menstrual period, allergic or irritant manifestations become evident, characterized by local pain, itchis, abundant secretions, altered and bad smells, pain in sexual contact.


An annual gynecological consultation and secretion analysis are recommended. Many genital ailments can be cured and their complications prevented if they are detected early.

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Vaginal Yeast Infections Without Symptoms

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