10 Early Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer That Every Woman Needs To Know

Ovarian cancer is a serious, silent disease that generally affects patients aged 50-65 years, most of them at menopause or pre-menopause.

Ovarian Cancer - 10 Early Symptoms That Every Woman Needs To Know


Most patients do not have symptoms at the incipient stages, they occur with disease progression and complications.


“Early diagnosis of ovarian cancer is rare or incidental. Patients often present for routine or other genital disorders. Even in advanced stages, the symptoms are devoid of specificity, from general condition alteration to gastrointestinal or genital bleeding ”

10 warning signs of ovarian cancer

In the opinion of a specialist, the clinical picture of ovarian cancer may include:


  1. Pelvic pain varies in frequency and intensity. Pelvic lesions are generally determined by large tumor masses or adhesions they form with adjacent organs.


  1. Alteration of the general condition, characterized by asthenia or permanent fatigue. It occurs late, generally due to anemia, difficulty breathing, cardiovascular overload, and hepatic-renal insufficiency.


  1. Weight loss. More than 5 kg in a month, unintended and unjustified loss by addressing a hypoallergenic diet. Cancer tumors are important energy consumers who use the body’s resources for growth itself.


  1. Changing intestinal transit, whether constipation or accelerated transit. Constipation also occurs due to compression on the terminal segment of the colon by creating an obstacle at this level.

10 warning signs of ovarian cancer

  1. Unregulated vaginal bleeding, which varies in intensity in hormonal active women (not menopausal). These bleeds are generally the result of a hormonal imbalance occurring in estrogen-secreting ovarian tumors. At the same time, bleeding in a menopausal patient may be due to the presence of the hormonal stimulus present in the tumor.
  2. The feeling of daily bloating, which lasts for several weeks and does not yield to the medication administered at home, should be carefully investigated. Distension of the abdomen occurs by tumor growth and the appearance of ascites fluid. Also, alteration of intestinal motility produces stagnation of food at this level, the appearance of gas and intestinal distention.


  1. Increase in volume of the abdomen, possibly in the context of significant weight loss. This is due to the high volume of ascitic fluid or bulky tumor mass, which may sometimes be transabdominal.


  1. The feeling of frequent urination and incomplete emptying of the bladder occurs through the bladder compression phenomenon, which is no longer filled to the usual capacity. Thus, the bladder has to be emptied often, and the amount of urine is getting smaller over time. In terminal phases, however, renal insufficiency may occur, through obstruction and obstruction of the urinary tract, distension of the renal reservoirs and inability to urinate


  1. Dyspareunia is the pain that occurs during sexual intercourse. Ovarian cancer tumors are usually bulky and occur bilaterally. Any attempt to mobilize can cause pain of varying intensity.


  1. Paraneoplastic manifestations are symptoms that are not due to the presence of tumor cells locally. These phenomena represent the body’s response to the fight against the tumor. Of these, the most common are fever and anemia.


Fever states usually occurring in the evening, without an obvious infectious outbreak, can be determined by the necrotic-inflammatory tumor process. Anemia is a common sign of many chronic conditions. In the case of ovarian tumors, anemia occurs by the presence of chronic bleeding of ulcerated tumors and by altering the absorption of vitamins B6 and B12, or by favoring the premature destruction of red blood cells and decreased production.

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