Beauty Sleep – How many Hours are Necessary to Keep us Young?

When you think of beauty, you are thinking about the used cosmetics, sports, daily maintenance and spare time, but how many of you think of beauty sleep?

How many Hours are Necessary to Keep us Young?

And it’s not a joke. It’s even a very serious and important subject for keeping our body as young and energetic as possible. The beauty sleep is not limited to that hour that few of us manage to sleep at noon on weekends (say).

The beauty sleep must be seen as the total number of hours we sleep daily that is reflected directly on our body as well as our appearance.

We are advised to sleep around 7-8 hours a day, but it is not only the number of hours, but also when they are used for sleep. Practically, our body should rest somewhere at 23:00 to have time to recover and prepare for a new day.

I do not know if you are observant, but if you sleep sometime at 2:00 and sleep for 7-8 hours, your body and mind will be more tired of waking than if you went to bed at 23:00.

!!!!! A personal recommendation: When you get home from work or college, and after dining, do not sneak into the house chores or sit back in front of your computer. I do not recommend sleeping in the afternoon (either your body will not understand such behavior or you will not have time), but relax 30-40 minutes. Lie down and  do not think of anything.

Then you can sweeten with either a few squares of chocolate or your favorite tea.

Why is beauty sleep important?

The beauty sleep frees us from the stress of the day, helps us to charge our energy, helps us concentrate much faster, keep it easier and express ourselves easily. Additionally, observing the number of sleeping hours per day ensures that our body recovers and stays young both indoors and outdoors.

A small number of sleeping hours per night not only results in liver, digestive, cardiological, neo-logical and visual disorders but is also reflected directly on our skin. An aging skin, a deep-skinned skin, falling hair, nail damage, and cumbersome regeneration of cells are the result of lost nights.

In addition, a reduced number of hours sleeping constantly inevitably leads to instability of nervousness and anxiety, but also to weight gain.

I think I caught your attention. 5-6 hours of sleep per day are not enough for our body to have time to absorb the sugars, to properly store and reap the fat assimilated over the day, and to reduce the feeling of satiety.

How long does your beauty sleep?

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