Natural Remedies for Fever

During this period, seasonal viroses put a lot of people to the test. That’s why we’re going to propose some natural remedies for your fever.

Natural Remedies for Fever

You can resort to them both at home and in the mountains. Through their effects, they have the ability to act in a favorable manner during febrile episodes that accompany colds, flu and other seasonal respiratory viruses.


Of course, it is not ideal to get yourself a nasal flu and not even a red one in the throat that often comes packed with fever. It would be a pity to sabotage your entire winter vacation.


Fortunately, with a little “help”, you can “sweeten” the situation, helping the body recover without the “intervention” of the synthetic drugs.


What natural remedies for fever give quick results?

Conventional medicine proposes plenty of solutions to treat respiratory system viruses.


After anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, mucolytic drugs, the list can continue with various pharmaceutical products, many administered without any need and especially “after the ear”. And this remains a real problem.


But for the prevention of seasonal illnesses, but also for recovery, you do not need medication. Everything can be solved simply by less aggressive methods, but with unexpectedly good results.


There are plenty of natural remedies for fever. In the following, we will “walk away” on some cure with optimum results.


To improve febrile episodes and reduce body temperature to the point where risks are eliminated (below 38-39 ° C), a lot of cure is helpful. And none have anything to do with modern medicine.


Here’s how to reduce fever!


Teas, infusions, decoctions

Who can not or does not want to take advantage of the antipyretics of synthesis, can opt for infusions of medicinal herbs (separated or mixed).


Tea / lime / chamomile infusions stimulate body sweat and have anti-inflammatory properties. Chimney tea performs antipyretic and antiseptic action.


An effective combination that favors the sweat and dispersion of body heat is infusion of lime, mint and shock.


A possible solution is the decoction of basil leaves. It takes a few leaves to boil, and from the solution you get to drink 2 times a day.


Any of these beverages can become natural remedies for fever, being well-received in case of fever, including children. After the pleasure of everyone, they can be sweetened with honey.


Other moisturizing liquids

In the healing process, hydration is fundamental, especially when there is an inflammatory process in progress.


Liquid consumption is beneficial precisely because it favors the elimination of excess toxins. As a result, it is recommended to drink as much water, hot liquids (teas, soups) as well as freshly squeezed natural juices.



Prepare a solution of water and vinegar in equal parts. Embed a sponge or towel and swabs the area of ​​the samples and wrists and legs.


If you do not feel like feeling, you can try to soak a pair of socks in the water and vinegar mix and stand on your feet for about 10 minutes. Soon, they will work.


Essential oils

Also, the essential oils of  eucalyptus and lavender have the effect of febrile states.


An interesting “strategy” involves combining with a neutral oil (almonds, olives, coconut, avocado). The mixture can be used to massage the upper back, at the chest, to its full absorption.


Alternatively, you can use them for wrist buffers or foot baths. Or, if you want, try to clean the room air. And if the happening makes you cool when camping you can use them to refresh the air in the tents.



Present in a lot of dishes, the potatoes tick one place and the list of natural remedies for fever.


Everything is explained by the anti-inflammatory properties and by the content of enzymes that serve to reduce the temperature.


All you have to do is “sacrifice” a cruel potato. Cut thin slices and put the cuts to “rest” on your forehead. Wait for a quarter hour and put the thermometer. You may have a surprise and it will be a little pleasant.


Did you know that…?

To a certain extent, fever is welcome in viral manifestations and in all that means flu and colds?

Raising body temperature over the threshold considered normal hurries the immunological response and creates an unfavorable environment for pathogens. “Intervention” is only indicated when the “host” general condition is altered and the fever exceeds the critical threshold.

  you don’t have to cancel out the symptoms associated with respiratory viruses,  doesn’t matter how much discomfort it causes?

If you’ve been prone to a virosis, your body knows why it’s triggering those symptoms that turn your life into a nightmare. Declaring them “intervenes” in the healing process helps you get rid of “bad”

Each symptom in part actually enters the natural process by which the body heals itself?

For example, coughing can be seen as a tool that the body uses to remove mucus. Expulsion secrets “harbor” a lot of harmful microorganisms for health.


On the other hand, fever can be described as a very effective mechanism by which the body reacts against the “attacks” of pathogens and at the same time against viral, bacterial and parasitic infections.


Under normal circumstances, the immune system manages to cope with the “attacks” of many types of pathogens?

But the mechanism has its weak points and can become vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Sometimes he can not cover his functions successfully, being deeply marked because:

  • Stress periods;
  • Moments of fatigue;
  • Nutritional defects.


Because “every godfather has his godfather,” you can start with some natural remedies for fever without forgetting to strengthen your immunity:


  • Through sports and outdoor activities;
  • Through nutrition and correct nutritional intake;
  • Reducing the impact of “guilty”.
  • And by the factors that sensitize the immune system …


Walking, among the many health benefits, can also become an antistress remedy. In order to enjoy its full effects, spoil your feet with the right mountain boots!

Sleeping in the tent favors the regulation of circadian rhythm, escaping from sleep problems. Even in winter you can spend the nights under the clear sky, but only if you use a tent for 4 seasons!

Honey, through its properties, can be an excellent sedative for cough and decongestant for the respiratory tract. Use it as it is or dissolve in tea. To keep them warm, keep them in thermos!


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