6 Cancer Symptoms that are Often Ignored

Even if some early symptoms may be associated with more affections, it is very important not to ignore them. What symptoms of cancer are often overlooked?


Our body sends signals when something is wrong with it. But, often, these signs are overlooked in the hope that they will pass by themselves. Even if some early symptoms are likely to be caused by many other conditions, they may in some cases report a more serious disease, such as cancer.


Therefore, it is very important that you routinely perform your routine and ultrasound analyzes in order to detect possible problems early on. And when the presence of the following symptoms was found, do not ignore them, but ask the opinion of a specialist to make more detailed investigations.


According to the BrightSide, here are some symptoms of cancer that you should not ignore! These may be associated with other conditions, but there is a risk that they may hide a serious problem.


  1. Persistent cough

A cough that persists for a long time can signal a problem in the lungs and should be taken seriously. Especially when accompanied by a decrease in appetite, rapid weight loss, blood expectoration, and difficulty breathing and wheezing.


  1. Persistent and unexplained itching

Even though this symptom is often unrelated to cancer, there are cases where it has been shown to be associated with uterine cancer (persistent genital herpes) or brain cancer (nausea).



  1. Changes in intestinal transit

Although disorders in the digestive system may occur and are not related to cancer, you should pay particular attention to them if accompanied by the presence of blood or mucus secretions in the faeces or the spontaneous need to defecate.


  1. Secretions that appear in the urine

They may signal the presence of a serious kidney problem, especially when there is evidence of blood in the urine, hypertension, pain in the lumbar region and a general weakness that persists for a long time.


  1. Sudden and unexplained weight loss

This symptom can hide stomach cancer and is often accompanied by a total disgust for meat preparations, rapid satiety (after small portions of food), anemia and an intense slowing of intestinal transit.


  1. Persistent sore throat

Usually this symptom is not worrying if it is temporary. But when it persists and is accompanied by other symptoms such as the difficulty of breathing and swallowing, a hoarseness that does not pass, coughing with blood and the feeling of a permanent nodule in the throat may signal the appearance of larynx cancer.

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6 Cancer Symptoms that are Often Ignored

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