Lose Weight with Essential Oils

How to lose weight with essential oils

Do you want to get rid of a few extra pounds? Essential oils can be allied to your price in the fight with pounds – Here’s what oils accelerate the weight loss process, but also how you can use them!

Lose Weight with Essential Oils

Essential oils are used for their therapeutic effects for more than 6000 years. They are made of herbs. Aromatherapy stimulates certain parts of the brain, with a positive impact on physical, emotional and mental state. Our nose can identify up to a trillion of different odors, and the olfactory glands are in close contact with the amygdala and the hippocampus – the parts of the brain responsible for emotion and memory. Therefore, inhalation of essential oil molecules can have an impact on arterial blood pressure, pulse, stress, silhouette, and more.


But do not expect the essential oils to do the whole thing. Make sure you have a balanced diet and oils will speed up the weight loss process.


Here are 5 essential oils that accelerate your metabolism, helping you to win out of the fight with pounds:


Grapefruit Essential Oil


Essential oil of grapefruit activates enzymes that help to destroy the body’s fat. This essential oil is made from grapefruit peel extract, which is rich in compounds like limonene. Limonene stimulates metabolism as well as lymphatic drainage.


For essential grapefruit oil to act, apply it on the skin, gently massage it with circular movements to facilitate its penetration into the skin. Due to its properties, this essential oil is found in most anti-cellulite creams.


If you use it in blend with essential patchouli oil, grapefruit oil reduces appetite and lowers hunger. Use this mixture in an aromatherapy machine or to massage your chest and wrists.


Cinnamon Essential Oil


Essential cinnamon oil regulates blood sugar, which in the long run reduces appetite. Sweating the sugar level causes you to eat more, but also gain weight. To enjoy the benefits of this oil, make a massage with cinnamon oil or use it to hydrate your wrists.


Lemon Essential  Oil


The regeneration and detoxification properties of essential lemon oil reduce appetite and improve your mood. Apply essential lemon oil in the morning and in the evening on all the heel surface. For it to get more easily into the skin, warm it up a bit.


Mint Essential Oil


With over 70% of menthol, essential mint oil has been used for centuries to treat indigestion. What few of us know is that menthol suppresses appetite.


Ginger Essential Oil


Ginger oil can also help you get rid of extra pounds. This oil regulates metabolism, accelerating the digestion process, but also the fat burning process.

Combination of effective oils for weight loss

You can prepare an effective weight loss blend by mixing these 4 oils:

  • 5 drops of essential grapefruit oil
  • 5 drops of essential mint oil
  • 5 drops of essential oil of lime
  • 5 drops of essential cinnamon oil

Use an aromatherapy spreader in which you put this mixture. Ideal would be to use it in the evenings before bedtime.


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