Eye Health – How do we Protect our Eyesight

Eye health – how do we protect our eyesight

We live in a technology-driven era, which means we spend most of our time in front of a screen: whether it’s the laptop in the office or the mobile phone. Even if we work or relax, there is a big chance that we are stuck with a monitor or display, not realizing that the eyes are the ones who suffer the most from these actions. Sometimes it’s the age of guilt, because as we grow older, the quality of our eyesight diminishes.

Eye Health - How do we Protect our Eyesight

Whatever the reason, eye health should never be ignored. That’s why, we talk about the most common eye conditions and how often we should go to medical checkups , to check the state of our eyesight.

However, other health problems, such as increased cholesterol, dyslipidemia or diabetes, may be responsible for the deterioration of our eyesight. Thus, we come to talk about diseases such as corneal arch, influenced by high cholesterol levels in the body, or diabetic renin, in the case of large amounts of blood sugar.

Eyesight may be affected by many unhealthy habits that harm the eyes. If you really want to protect your eyes in the long run, here are the 10 most important rules to keep your eyesight.


Prevention is the wisest way of action for eye health, which is why it is never too early to start taking care of your eyes.


Wear sunglasses


Sunglasses that really offer protection against ultraviolet rays are the perfect summer accessories. Choose the sunglasses to offer at least 99% protection against UVA and UVB to reduce the risk of cataracts. If you go skiing regularly, the special glasses that protect the eyes from the snow are just as important.


Feed your eyes correctly


Proper nutrition is perhaps the most important aspect in eye health. The foods that offer the greatest benefits to the eye range from spinach and salmon to eggs, beans, nuts, almonds and citrus. In addition, balanced diet reduces the risk of developing diabetes, a disease that affects eyesight in 45% of cases.


Ensures optimum brightness when reading


When your eyes are asked to read a text on a paper support, always make sure you have enough light. When you focus on the screen of a gadget, make sure the ambient brightness is not too high.


Avoid eyes fatigue caused by computer


The best exercise for computer tired eyes is the regular focusing of the view to a distant point in a different direction to the screen. Thus, the eyes will be less affected by the PC screen.


Provides air humidity


When you look at your computer screen, you blink 25% less, and air humidity is very important to prevent drying the eyeball.

An air humidifier is especially useful in winter, when the heating of the air dries him.


Eat less salt


High salt diet increases the risk of cataracts. Replace salt as much as you can with aromatic herbs and spices and make sure that foods processed from your diet have a low salt level.


Never jump over cleansing before bedtime


The mascara becomes dangerous to eye health when used without clear care rules. Always smear before bedtime to prevent scratches in the eyeball, which can be caused by small particles of mascara in the eye.


Keeps blood pressure under control


When you have high blood pressure, the risk of eye health problems increases. Hypertension is the second cause of blindness after diabetes, which is why you should check your blood pressure regularly.


Quit smoking and keep your eyes out of smoking area


Smoking is associated with higher risks to your eye health, cataract risks, eye nerve problems and cellular degeneration. If you smoke, give up for the good of your long-term eyesight. If you do not smoke, avoid enclosed spaces filled with smoke, which strongly irritate your eyes.


Follow the rules for eyeglasses and contact lenses


Accepts the ophthalmologist’s advice as a law when it comes to eyeglasses and contact lenses. Lens hygiene is particularly important for preventing eye infections, which can affect eyesight when it causes some complications.

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