Black Radish – Amazing Benefits For Skin, Hair, And Health

Are you looking for natural remedies that can boost your health and help you look gorgeous at the same time? Have you ever tried ‘black Spanish radish’ for this purpose? If not, then it is time for you to give it a try. Well, the color of this root vegetable might not be so impressive. But once you know the several amazing benefits it offers, you will certainly fall in love with the small ‘black magic’.

Black Radish - Amazing Benefits For Skin, Hair, And Health

Black Radish Benefits For Hair


 Get Rid Of Excessive Dryness Or Oiliness

Black radish can also be used for treating excessive dryness or oiliness of the scalp. If you are suffering from too much dandruff, start applying black radish juice today. It would provide necessary nutrients to your hair and your scalp as well. Conversely, if you are facing greasiness of the scalp due to excess secretion of the sebum glands, go for a black radish hair mask. It would control the secretion of sebum and give you long and lustrous hair.

Reduce Hair Fall Significantly

Hair loss is one of the most common issues around the world these days. But if you drink a glass of black radish juice every day, you can combat this successfully. This wonderful vegetable is capable of stimulating our hair roots, which eventually enhances the circulation of blood throughout our scalp. It is essential for proper nourishment of the hair. In addition, each and every hair shaft gets stronger through it. All these result in less hair fall as well as the growth of new hair.


Black Radish Uses For Health


The white flesh of this black-skinned vegetable is highly beneficial for our health. Here are the ways you can take advantage of this item:

Cure Hyperthyroidism

The over secretion of the thyroid gland, popularly known as ‘hyperthyroidism’ or ‘Graves’ Disease’, can also be cured with black radish. The major sulfur compound of the vegetable named ‘raphanin’ plays a key role in regulating the secretion of our thyroid glands. Therefore, regular consumption of black radish can help us stay away from hyperthyroidism

Improves Digestion

As mentioned above, black radish is a wonderful detoxification agent. It also clears toxins from the stomach. This ensures that the PH level of the stomach is maintained. Moreover, it is also rich in fibers. Fibers ease the process of digestion. Additionally, it improves the bile function that leads to improved digestion. As a result, the overall digestive rate of the body improves.

Boost The Function Of  The Liver

Our liver is the most vital organ of the body and black radish can help us boost its functions to a great extent. The flesh of this vegetable holds several vitamins (Vitamin B1, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, etc.) and minerals (calcium, magnesium, etc.), which facilitate the flow of bile and keep our internal system healthy at the same time. Hence, include black radish in your diet as much as possible and keep your liver healthy

Get Rid Of Cold And Cough

The magical power of black radish can also be used to treat chronic cold and cough. Just take out a slice from the upper part of the vegetable and put some sugar in the flesh. Now place the ‘cap’ in its initial position and leave it for the night. The juice that will come out of the flesh in the morning is excellent for healing infections of the respiratory system.


Cures Bloating And Acidity

It nullifies the effect of free radicals with its high dose of fresh antioxidants. It makes the gut, intestines and abdomen toxin free. As a result, acidity reduces. Hence bloating is eased with the consumption of black radish naturally.

Regulates Cholesterol

One of the best medicinal uses of radish is that it actively participates in the circulation and metabolism of fat in the body. It makes the liver functional and active. This triggers fat circulation and metabolism. The liver absorbs cholesterol before it gets deposited in the adipose tissues and arterial walls. It filters the impurities and processes the fat further. The process keeps on repeating. This eliminates fat accumulation. Thus, it reduces cholesterol formation and indirectly decreases the risk of heart attack.


Anti-Cancerous Benefits

Black radish comes loaded with the goodness of antioxidants. This makes it an amazing anti-cancerous remedy. Antioxidants keep a check on the free radical formation in cells and tissues. This keeps cell division and functioning under control. Hence, it reduces the risk of cancer.

Cures Cold

Black radish is exceptionally rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants make this miracle food an amazing anti-inflammatory agent as well. Its powerful anecdotal formula clears the chest off congestion. It also eases the mucosal passage through nose and throat. Hence, it is an amazing ailment against a cold.


So, just include black radish juice in your breakfast or add a few pieces of black radish to your daily diet. You will be able to see the difference within a few days.

Controls And Regulates Thyroid

This is one of the best black radish medicinal uses. The thyroid is a lifelong syndrome caused due to an imbalance in thyroid hormones. It needs lifelong medication. Black radish is rich in Raphanin. Raphanin is a natural enzyme that regulates the secretion and production of thyroid hormones. As a result, this miracle food can be used as a preventive remedy against hyper/hypothyroidism. It is also known to offer relief to the patients suffering from hyper/hypothyroidism.

Cures Scurvy

Scurvy is caused in humans due to a deficiency of vitamin C. Black radish is a rich source of vitamin C and it possibly treats scurvy with ease and causes no side effects upon consumption. It also makes the bones stronger. It is known to treat joint inflammation as well.

Increases Mental Alertness

Black radish is an amazing source of potassium and magnesium. These two minerals are required to maintain the chemical balance in the brain. They are active components of the electrolytic solution. Hence, black radish becomes a supplement of these essential minerals to the body and brain. As a result, the electrochemical balance of the brain is restored. It increases mental alertness. Magnesium and potassium are memory chargers as well. Thus, they improve mental concentration.

Helpful In Stones Removal

Black radish is a natural remedy against stones in kidney and gallbladder. It also eases the pain caused due to stones. It increases urination. The diuretic properties of black radish are put to play and increased urination cleans the kidney and gallbladder off the stones and stone dust.


Black Radish Benefits For Skin


Improve Overall Skin Health

A clean internal system is the first thing that we need to get bright and healthy skin. If your blood is full of impurities, your skin reflects it clearly. Black radish can be of great help to you in such a situation. Being a rich source of Vitamin-B complex, zinc, phosphorus, etc., it works as an effective blood purifier and eliminates all sorts of toxins as well as waste materials from our body. As a result, our overall skin health is improved to a large extent

Removes Unattractive Marks

If you are tired of those ugly blackheads, black spots, acne marks and blemishes on your face, black radish juice can be the perfect solution for you. Its anti-oxidative property prevents the breakout of acne, pimples, blackheads, etc. and reduces all unattractive marks caused due to various skin infections. Regular use of black radish juice on the affected areas can give you amazing results within a few days. Face packs made with black radish pulp can also help lighten the skin tone and get glowing skin.

Possess Youthful Skin

Black radish boasts of having plenty of natural antioxidants . It contains a high level of Vitamin C which is crucial for our skin to fight against aging. Apart from this antioxidant vitamin, there are a number of other compounds present in this root vegetable that are extremely powerful in restraining the oxidization within our body. Therefore, regular consumption of black radish juice can help us get rid of harmful free radicals and thus, possess youthful skin.


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