Walking Barefoot, Unbeatable Health Benefits

As most of us know, on the soles, palms and ears there are a number of nerve endings that correspond to different organs in the body. Stimulating them leads to improved functioning of the corresponding organs.

Walking Barefoot, Unbeatable Health Benefits

Many of us, however, do not have time to follow regular reflexology sessions. The solution in this case is an extremely simple one – walking with barefoot. Often, simple things are the most effective, as is the case here. You do not even imagine what immense health benefits 5-10 minutes of walking barefoot.

What happens in the body when going  barefoot

The idea that the soles have direct contact with body organs has been taken over from traditional Chinese medicine. This connection between the various points on the soles and organs is accomplished through channels through which vital energy in the body, called meridians, circulates. This vital energy is “guilty” of functioning in optimal parameters of internal organs.

The stimulation of the meridians through the soles of the sole is therefore available to anyone by walking barefoot. Walking  barefoot  is nothing more than a soothing massage of the soles, not just relaxing, but also extremely healthy and a valuable source of energy supply to the body.


Our body functions due to well-known systems: nervous, digestive, respiratory, blood, lymphatic, etc. Asian medicine also attaches great importance to another system that we Europeans tend to ignore: the energy system. It is powered by “entrances” spread throughout the body, and the points on the sole are also “inputs”. Through them, the vital energy, which irrigates all organs, is captured, an essential condition for having a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Benefits of walking barefoot

5-10 minutes of barefoot daily improves considerably:


– Stress and anxiety;

– Hypertension;

– Premenstrual syndrome;

– Muscle and joint pain;

– Insomnia and sleep apnea;

– Cardiac rhythm;

– Rheumatoid arthritis;

– Asthma and respiratory problems;

– Digestive disorders;

– Hormonal disorders.


At the same time, walking  barefoot stimulates immunity and is particularly beneficial to diabetics as it regulates blood glucose levels. This action also allows the discharge of excess positive ions in the body, electrical particles that make the body less tired.


Reflexologists even claim that regular soles massage allows self-healing as it helps to harmonize internal energy. If you do not have the time or material resources to make regular reflexology sessions, turn to the most handy method – walking  barefoot. It starts with 5-10 minutes daily and increases progressively the time devoted to this action.

How do they enhance the benefits of walking barefoot

To improve your health, both physical and mental, in addition to walking a few minutes daily, you will have to respect a few things: eating healthy, having a positive mental attitude, deep breathing, meditating, love and accept.

Are you accustomed to go barefoot? Have you noticed so far some of the benefits of walking  barefoot?

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