Is Biking Bad for Men’s Health ?

Most of the time, men’s cycling has been associated with certain medical problems such as erectile dysfunction or even urinary tract problems.

Is Biking Bad for Men's Health?

Sport has often been a reason for conversation and studio, especially because of coincidences of the conditions that occurred in people who practiced cycling. Thus, specialist Benjamin Breyer, coordinator of the Urology Department of the San Francisco University of California, studied intensively how and in what way it affects biking especially on men.


Apparently, the results were contrary to expectations, resulting in biking not influencing the sexual functions of men in any way.


Cycling, a healthy sport

Whether you are talking about a medical bike or a fitness bike, the bicycle will help you to keep your health from all points of view.


This American study was conducted on a sample of over 2500 cyclists, over 500 swimmers and over 700 athletes.


Following the study, specialists could see that practicing cycling does not affect men’s health in any way, but on the contrary.


The impact of sports on reproductive organs and the health of the urinary system has been studied.


At the end of the study, the conclusion is a simple and clear one: biking does not affect men’s fertility more than any other sport does.

Cycling helps you get rid of excess kilos, and maintain a constant weight, in addition to boosting the process of calorific burning and stimulating metabolism.


Moreover, if you suffer from hypertension, cycling helps you regulate arterial pressure, maintains a balance of blood sugar, especially if you suffer from diabetes and help you regulate intestinal transit.


A bicycle is welcome in everybody’s life, it will help you seduce you successfully, and so you will take care of your health more easily.

And where do you get the better of your sex life, precisely because it puts the blood on the move.

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