SWOLLEN FEET & LEGS (EDEMA): Causes, Prevention and Treatment

SWOLLEN FEET & LEGS (EDEMA) – Feeling of heavy legs, walking pain and swelling in the legs – swelling of the tissues. We are talking about the three major inconveniences encountered in the lower limbs. How do you fight them?


First with a correct diagnosis, then with lifestyle adjustments. Generally, sports and abundant water make you feel like a flake. And why do not you have slender, toned legs, just like the stars that pull hard for that.

The feeling of heavy legs – that’s what betray the presence of venous affections. The veins are vessels that carry the non-toxic blood from the tissues to the heart. So within them the vital fluid flows against gravity!


This symptom appears more often in people overweight, sedentary, or after tasks that have claimed the entire venous system. Let’s imagine what happens inside the veins that cause discomfort. They feature a valve system – imagine a dovetail nest – that closes and prevents the blood from stagnating. When the valves stop working properly, the feeling of heavy legs appears.


Varicose veins may also appear, or, outside the skin, purulent capillaries. Feeling of heavy legs occurs with a visible increase in the volume of the calves, with a thickening of the ankles or knees, but can also occur in the absence of this lymphatic stasis (stagnation). Heat can accentuate the symptom, like the excessive cold. In all these cases, ask for a doctor’s advice on vascular surgery, and an excellent exercise for every evening is to sit on a sofa with feet above the heart.


Pain in walking equally arterial damage


Attention and when pains go on, which seem to hold your muscles and reduce if you stay a little. In this case, consult a specialist in vascular surgery. Symptom can show the presence of lower limb arterial problems. Arteries are vessels that carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the tissues. Careful! Atherosclerosis frequently occurs at the level of the femoral arteries.



Why does water retention occur?


The third major discomfort in the lower meatus is the retention of water that causes edema, i.e., swelling of the tissues. Contrary to many opinions, the consumption of liquids helps to eliminate fluid accumulated in the body. When you do not consume enough water, the body begins to make reserves of liquids.


They are stored in extracellular spaces. The skin loses its elasticity, and it is possible that the edema may occur. If you use diuretics regularly, to stop the surplus water, stop. The body’s response to this medication is the accumulation of fluids that it will remove along with vitamins and minerals. It is an enormous stress for the body.


What does hydration mean?


The only liquid that moisturizes is water. To be metabolized, one kilo-calorie from food needs 1 ml of water. And because the average consumption rate of an adult is 2,000 kilocalories, it has come to the conclusion that we need to drink 2 liters of water a day. Begin with a glass in the morning, waking up.


This is because body fluids are highly concentrated, leading to dehydration. Secondly, do not include coffee in the amount of liquid required daily. Coffee is a diuretic, so it removes water from the body. Alcohol has similar effect. For variation, besides flat water, choose natural fruit juices daily containing the pulp of the fruit. Do not exaggerate your insulin production.


In addition, eat a soup or soup but only at noon, not even in the evening. The two preparations increase blood pressure at late hours. Another solution for hydration is tea. And of all sorts, green tea is the one that holds water in the body for a long time. Prefer infusion instead of excessive leafing to eat antioxidants at the same time.


And do we need sports?


We are created to move, so our inferior limbs are perfectly suited to make many strides and fasts and not to stand behind a desk! As a matter of fact, the main so-called hygiene of the feet is the movement. It is the way the arterial and venous blood circulates correctly, through which the tissues work normally. So take advantage of the good weather to do at least 10,000 steps a day.

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