Jogging and Running, Real Health Benefits

Jogging and running are one of the most popular forms of physical activity and more and more people are trying this at some point in their lives. Running is attractive because it does not cost much and you can practice at any time you want, many runners even prefer to participate in different marathons, for fun or competition.

Jogging and Running, Real Health Benefits

Although they bring the same benefits to health, such as strong bones and muscles, a better cardiovascular system, an enviable physical form, etc., these two forms of sport are different, the difference being intensity. Running is faster and requires more effort from the heart, lungs and muscles, as well as a higher level of physical fitness than jogging. But in the end both jogging and running are aerobic exercises, and exercises that produce energy, combining oxygen with blood glucose or body fat.

But let’s see what we win if we start jogging or running:


1. It helps to maintain your weight


Running is one of the best sports that helps you lose weight and keep your weight constant. In terms of calories burned per minute, it is immediately after the ski. We know that when the sport goes out, calories burn. In case of running, burns take place even after physical activity stops, so running regularly will make you enjoy your physical shape for a long time.


2. It makes you happy


If you have ever practiced sport, then you also discovered that: no matter how good or bad you feel at a certain moment, sport makes you feel better. Researchers have found that even a single 30-minute walk session is sufficient to instantly lift the morale of a person suffering from major depression, running even to the elimination of patients’ antidepressant pills.


Running and jogging helps people deal with both anxiety and stress. One study showed that it is enough to have 30 minutes of running during the week for three weeks to start sleep, mood and workplace concentration to improve.


You have certainly heard people saying that running is like a drug for them. Well, it seems like this kind of physical activity produces neurochemical connections similar to drugs in the brain and the body is flooded with constant happiness


3. Gnome and healthy joints


It has long been known that running helps to increase bone mass and stops the claim that bone mass is lost with age. But still, around you hear friends, family, even strangers who tell you that running is not healthy for your knees. It seems that these statements are not really true, and studies show that running even improves knee health. If we look at people with arthritis on their knees, we will not find a history in their lives that would look like they did intense sports, and running athletes certainly do not pose a greater risk of developing osteoarthritis in the future.


4. Vitamin D


A very large number of people have deficiencies of vitamin D in the body, a deficiency that is associated with weight gain and slowing of metabolic processes. We know that this vitamin is synthesized by the body at sun exposure, so if you spend very little time outside, maybe you should check the level of this vitamin in your body and start thinking that jogging can be a good choice for starters.


5. It helps keep you in shape, even with the passage of time


Are you worried about tonus loss when you get older? Regular performance will not let this happen but it will help you not get through the loss of physical form as well as attention, memory, thinking. Studies have shown that elderly people with a good physical form have higher scores in mental tests than their colleagues who are less in shape. This demonstrates that sport improves memory, concentration, thinking and judgment of problems, up to 50%.


6. Reduce the risk of cancer


Maybe it does not cure cancer, but it certainly helps to prevent it. Numerous epidemiological studies have shown that regular exercise is associated with a low risk of developing cancer in the future. On the other hand, many people who suffer from this disease have improved their quality of life and diminished the effects of chemotherapy when they had constant physical activity in their lives. At the same time, women doing intense workouts, such as running, can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 30%.

7. Increase self-confidence


Not all benefits of running concern physical health. It can help you enormously to improve your confidence in yourself as well as self-esteem. Setting up and reaching the goals you propose when you run, will give you a wonderful feeling that you can do anything, happiness and trust, which will be reflected in your work and at home.


8. Longevitity


Running adds years to your life, even if you only have the minimum physical activity (30 minutes, 5 times a week). When people run or do other sports, they live longer. According to specialists, smokers live up to 4.1 years in addition, those who have suffered from cancer add another 5.3 years, and those with heart disease 4.5 years.

9. Friends and socializing


If you do not run because you do not like doing sports on your own, you can convince your friends by showing them the benefits that I discussed above, or just run out alone if they do not want that. Surely you will make new friends, running partners and maybe you will participate in various marathons. Why not?


Tips for Beginners


  • Take a doctor’s visit before you run, if you are over 40, you are overweight or have a chronic illness.
  • Start with walking and gradually pass to jogging and then running in the first few weeks.
  • Never start running without having to do the usual heating.
  • Do not forget about moisturizing.
  • Rest and avoid overloading in order not to cause injury. You can also consider other low-impact sports such as swimming.
  • Wear the right shoe that feels comfortable and cushions the movements. A pair of unsuitable jogging shoes can cause injuries to your ankles and joints.


What do you say? Do we start running together?

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