High Salt Consumption can Lead to Dementia

A diet rich in salt reduces blood flow in the brain and causes dementia among mice, according to a new study by scientists at Weill Cornell Medicine. Find out how salt consumption has been correlated with mental deficiencies!

High Salt Consumption can Lead to Dementia

We all know that most people in civilized countries consume twice as much salt as daily needs. And the effects are reflected in kidney disease, high blood pressure, the increasing number of brain attacks, and the increase in the number of people with heart failure. That, if we only mention the most risks your body exposes if your salt intake is increased. These risks include, according to a recent study, the occurrence of dementia. There is another study done in Canada in 2011 on 1,200 sedentary adults who concluded that those who have an increased salt intake in their diet are at a higher risk of developing a cognitive decline. So the combination of sedentary and excessive salt consumption was already known to lead to cognitive impairment.

But the study published in mid-January 2018 in Nature Neuroscience is the first to reveal a link between the intestinal system and the brain, linking high salt intake with triggering neurovascular and cognitive disorders. The findings bring to light a potential future target for combating the harmful effects on the brain caused by excess salt.


The lead author, Dr. Costantino Iadecola, director of the Mind Research Institute (BMRI), Neurology at Weill Cornell Medicine, said they found that mice fed a diet rich in salt developed dementia even when blood pressure did not rise. This was surprising because, in humans, the salt’s harmful effects on cognition were attributable to hypertension.


A large majority, about 90% of American adults, consume more dietary sodium than the recommended daily dose of 2,300 mg per day.


4 signs that you eat too much salt


You are thirsty! If you eat salt-rich foods (chips, spaghetti, pizza), your body will need an increased supply of water to rebalance the fluid level in your body.


You sweat too much! After a salty dinner, you can wake up the next day and bloody and swollen feet, because your organ has retained water in the tissues. The Mayo Clinic believes that this type of edema – water retention in tissues – is a symptom of chronic disease or high salt consumption. Or this excess water should be removed by sweating. Which will be … abundant.


You have kidney problems! A diet rich in too much sodium may alter the function of the kidneys. More salt means an increased level of protein in the urine. And this means a major risk for a kidney disease. In addition, more salt can also lead to the appearance of kidney stones.


You have high blood pressure! Increased sodium consumption can increase blood pressure because it is an excess of fluid in the body and forcing the heart to pump more.

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