What to Avoid when Washing your Hair

Washing the hair is an activity that many people do many times a week, and even if we can not believe it, we may be doing it wrong.

If it seems to you that your hair does not feel good even after you have washed it, you may have made some mistakes. But hair care experts teach you what to avoid when you brush your head. Here’s what this is about!


Things you should avoid when you wash your head


  1. You brush your hair in the wrong way before you wash your head


It’s not easy to wash a tangled hair, so most people brush it before washing. But it seems that wrong hair combing can really affect the wires. Most people have been taught to brush hair from top to bottom, but specialists recommend brushing their hair on smaller portions, starting at the tips and starting slightly on the scalp. When you follow this advice and work on smaller surfaces, you can prevent hair from breaking.


  1. You don’t think of where the water comes from


Yes, the water comes from the head of the shower and we do not wonder if the water source can affect our hair. But some types of water, especially hard water, can have a huge impact on how hair looks.

There is no need to use filtered water, but mineral deposits may change the color of your hair. You can also use shampoo and hair care products for hard water.


  1. Use hot water


When it comes to hair washing, you need to lower the water temperature, because hot water removes natural hair oils and lacks brightness. This tip is especially useful for people with dyed hair. The hotter the water, the more nutrients will be compromised. There is no need to use cold water, but lukewarm water.


  1. Use certain chemical ingredients


Experts recommend avoiding sulfate products because this ingredient is harmful to the hair, but also to the scalp. Sulfates can irritate hair and skin prone to eczema, allergies or other irritations. And people with sensitive skin should first choose sulfate-free shampoos. Also, you should not buy paraben shampoos because they can cover the hair, leaving behind a wax layer.


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