7 key reasons why exercise can make you good health

You may hate exercising, but its benefits are many, especially for those who lose weight, and can even be life-changing. Once you get into the habit of exercising, you just can’t stop.

  1. Exercise can bring the fun.

Different sports bring us into different social circles. A lot of people find their significant other in the gym! But please don’t expect everyone at the gym to be handsome. Go to a place where there are many beautiful and rich people, you may not lose weight, but the money is in your wallet!

  1. Exercise helps maintain weight loss.

Losing weight by diet alone is difficult to maintain. If you relax your dietary requirements after reaching your goals, the weight will come back. Studies have shown that combining diet and exercise can keep weight loss longer.

  1. Exercise can reduce appetite and divert attention away from food.

Digestion slows down and you’re less hungry.

  1. Exercise can make people confident.

Every time you go to the gym, you are doing something good for yourself, which in itself will lift your spirits. When you see the results of your fitness in the mirror, your confidence will increase, and your weight loss plan will be easier to stick to.

5, exercise can make people refreshed. The popularity of frequent runners is high and full of happiness.

Experts believe this is due to several factors: Exercise releases endorphins, a hormone that relieves pain and produces comfort, and secretes a neurotransmitter that controls mood, giving people a sense of satisfaction. In short, exercising will make you look radiant.

  1. Exercise can consume calories, thereby reducing the calorie intake of the human body and achieving the purpose of weight loss. The more you exercise, the faster you lose weight. I love to eat and exercise, so I can eat a little more, but I’m not losing weight, I’m just maintaining the status quo. Exercise can build muscle, and thin people can build muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat, which helps in weight loss.
  2. A study shows that regular, high-intensity physical activity can effectively reduce the risk of male impotence.

For health, order to lose weight is the most realistic reason for most exercisers. Many people choose to start running to lose their bellies. Some people run for love. In some running events, you can see lovers running hand in hand, and at the finish line, a romantic love story is staged with roses and wedding dresses. Running can also start a new life. There was a set of promotional videos for the New York Marathon in a certain year, telling the story of a wandering painter running. Once decadent, he was imprisoned for drug addiction. After he was released from prison, to start a new life, he began to run, and he shuttled vigorously through the urban forest. He regained his self-confidence in running and started a new life.


The trick to falling in love with sports is to choose something you love. I believe that everyone has their favorite sport. Some people like swimming, some people like running, some people like tennis. Today’s gyms offer many programs, some of which teach complex dance moves, while others are simple and gentle. Give it a try. If you don’t like going to the gym, you can also take a walk. Walking is a very good exercise and easy to get used to. You just put one foot in front of the other, walk out the door, and keep going…