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Put A Cloth With Vinegar In Your Toilet Bowl, Here’s Why

Cleaning toilets is no easy task, but you can tackle it by putting a piece of cloth with vinegar in your toilet bowl! Check out how this quick hack works!

1. The Power Of White Vinegar

White vinegar is a perfect substitute for your name-brand cleaners. According to House Digest, its acidity is effective at eliminating germs and mold. Moreover, it’s free of harsh chemicals that might irritate your skin. Let’s see how to clean your toilet with this natural cleaner!

2. Put A Cloth With Vinegar In Your Toilet

Try pouring some white vinegar on a rag, and put the rag in your toilet bowl at night. It’ll slowly release acidic components that help loosen the stains. You’ll wake up to a sparkling clean toilet bowl the next day! Plus, there’re also many other household items you can use to fight toilet germs!

3. Pour Dish Soap In Your Toilet

Dish soap is another eco-friendly product you can use to clean the toilet. Squeeze a squirt into the bowl and scrub with a toilet brush. The soap will soon bubble and help dissolve the stubborn stains.