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Put A Cloth With Vinegar In Your Toilet Bowl, Here’s Why

4. Put Baking Soda In Your Toilet

Surprisingly, baking soda is a lifesaver when you have trouble unclogging your toilet. Pour 1 cup of baking soda into the bowl and 1 gallon of hot water on top. The heat and pressure change will help remove the clog.

5. Clean With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is also a cleaning powerhouse that helps cut through grime and remove bacteria in your toilet. Try pouring 1/2 cup into the bowl, wait for 30 minutes, and flush to see the amazing results!

6. Leave Garlic In Your Toilet At Night

Garlic contains antiseptic properties such as allicin that can help disinfect your toilet. Cut some into tiny cubes and leave them in the toilet bowl for a night. It’ll help improve your bathroom hygiene naturally!

7. Don’t Pour Bleach Down Your Toilet!

Bleach might be your go-to when it comes to toilet cleaning, but it can corrode the rubber and plastic pipes inside the bowl. Stay away from bleach when you clean your toilet next time!