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9 Foods To Avoid If You Want To Have Great Teeth

From boosting self-confidence to better dental exams, keeping your pearly white teeth healthy has a real positive impact on your everyday life. While expensive treatments and sticky whitening patches can help change the color of your teeth, they don’t solve the underlying problem. Daily brushing and flossing help keep your mouth healthy and prevent the dreaded yellowing in the first place. Change.

If you want to put on a big smile and avoid taking drastic measures, be on the lookout for these stain-causing foods.

Which foods are bad for teeth?

  1. Hard candy

Eating hard candies will discolor the mouth and tongue, and cause permanent staining of the teeth. Eating too much can also lead to the occurrence of dental caries, so it is best to eat fewer brightly colored candies.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are popular with many people, but tomatoes are highly acidic vegetables that can also erode tooth enamel. After eating tomatoes, it is best to drink water to clean your mouth.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is a popular condiment, but balsamic vinegar is dark in color and contains a variety of acidic substances, which can easily lead to discoloration of teeth. It is important to remember to rinse your mouth with water after eating vinegar to minimize the potential danger.

  1. Potato chips

Although potato chips are delicious, the starch and food particles in them will remain between the teeth for a long time. After eating potato chips, please rinse with water and dental floss to remove the remaining food particles.

  1. Lemon

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which has a range of health benefits, but lemons are also rich in acids that can erode tooth enamel. It is recommended not to drink lemon water regularly, as prolonged exposure to acidic environments can be very damaging to your teeth.

  1. Canned fruit

There is a lot of added sugar in most canned fruits, such as canned citrus fruit, because it has a high sugar content and natural acid, which can cause great damage to the teeth if eaten for a long time, so it is best to eat less canned fruit.

  1. Black tea

Drinking tea has a variety of health benefits, but the pigments in dark tea such as black tea can stain teeth.

  1. Coffee

Dark coffee is one of the main culprits of tooth discoloration. When drinking coffee, add a little milk to help dilute the pigment in coffee, and be sure to rinse your mouth after drinking.

  1. Carbonated drinks

The impact of carbonated drinks on health is multi-faceted, and it also has many effects on oral health. Drinking too many carbonated drinks can easily cause tooth decay. Even sugar-free carbonated drinks are still very bad for teeth.

In addition to avoiding the above foods, we must also develop some good habits, such as brushing our teeth after meals, habitually using mouthwash, dental floss, etc. Don’t wait until your teeth are broken to pay attention!