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Eat these 10 foods to help grow hair, the last one is the most important.

High work pressure and the fast pace of life lead to an increased incidence of hair loss. Hair loss has a great impact on patients. It will seriously affect the patient’s image and bring a heavy mental burden to the patient. Many foods affect hair growth, and friends who are suffering from hair loss may wish to try them.
What to eat to grow hair faster? Many foods can promote hair growth, let’s take a look.
What to eat to grow hair, 10 recommended hair growth foods

  1. Citrus

More than 30 kinds of human health-care substances contained in citrus fruits have been isolated, mainly including flavonoids, monoterpenes, coumarin, carotenoids, propanoloids, acridines, glyceroglycolipids, etc. Vitamin C in citrus fruits helps the body better absorb iron. At the same time, it is very important in the growth of collagen, promotes collagen synthesis, and can play a role in promoting hair growth.

Scientists also found they extracted an anti-cancer substance from citrus peel, and also found a blood pressure-lowering component in this substance. This anti-cancer substance is widely present in lemon peel and citrus peel, and animal experiments have shown that cancer-bearing animals taking this substance can significantly prolong their lifespan.