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20 ways to keep motivating yourself to exercise

If you’re determined to make 2022 the year you finally reach your fitness goals, you’re going to need some strong and lasting motivation. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or build healthy behaviors, you’re going to have some challenging days.

On those tough days, you have a choice: either pull yourself together and move on or give up. Unfortunately, most people gravitate towards the latter. After just three weeks of healthy lifestyle changes, many of us lose motivation and start going back to our old habits. Come the summer months, and those January fitness goals are often just a distant memory.

Don’t be another sad statistic! With the right motivational techniques, you can make sure you never get off track. Here are 20 ways to stay motivated in 2022!

  1. Take a progress photo

Many of us are visually motivated. By taking weekly or monthly progress photos and uploading them to our KEEP feed, you’ll be able to see the amazing changes that sticking to a healthy workout and diet plan can make!


By looking for these changes and celebrating them every few weeks, you’ll never lose motivation to keep going. Through photos, you will be able to see how far you have come and how commitment and consistency will continue to help you change.