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10 Makeup Tips Older Women Must Master And The Last One Is Important


Time has no reason, it will take away a person’s youth and beautiful face without hesitation, but we can make time pass slowly through scientific makeup technology, and retain the traces of beauty with our desire to love beauty. In fact, as long as the middle-aged and elderly people master the key points of makeup, they can effectively change their appearance and restore their youthful demeanor.

1. Emollient: A good skin condition is the premise of makeup. Generally, the skin of middle-aged and elderly people will appear dry due to lack of oil secretion, so it is the premise of everything to develop a good habit of moisturizing and nourishing every day.

2. Primer: Middle-aged and elderly women should not apply foundation too thickly when applying foundation, and don't deliberately hope to use foundation to cover wrinkles, which will have the opposite effect of covering up. The complexion of middle-aged and elderly people is easy to be dull, so when priming, you should try to increase the brightness to increase the luster of the face.

3. Setting makeup: You still need to consider the complexion, so you can add a small amount of pearl powder when setting makeup to enhance the luster of your face.

4. Eyebrows: When thrushing eyebrows, you should pay attention to the horizontal direction, and the tail corners should be slightly raised, so that the eyebrows drawn can be solemn and aura.

5. Eyeliner: Do not draw too thick eyeliner, thinner is the best. Because the skin around the eyes of middle-aged and elderly people is slack, the outer corners of the eyes will have a sagging feeling. When drawing the end of the eyes, it can be lifted appropriately to draw a youthful eye.

6. Eye shadow: Middle-aged and elderly people should consider the sense of dignity when choosing eye shadow, so it is not suitable to use bright colors. Flat coating or small barbs should not be too large. Purple and brown are good choices.

7. Blush: Middle-aged and elderly women should choose a brown-red blush, from the temples down to the ears.

8. Lip shape: Lipstick should choose dark burgundy or brownish red, trimming your lip shape to make it full is the purpose of the lip shape, don't use too bright colors.

9. Hairstyle: The hairstyle of middle-aged and elderly women should be simple, generous and dignified as the benchmark. Don't have too many accessories on your hair, and you can also pull the outer corners of your eyes by pulling the hair on the left and right sides.

10. The choice of jewelry, simple necklaces and earrings can be used. Unless it is a very grand occasion, everything should be simple and elegant.

Middle-aged and elderly female friends should remember that a person’s beauty comes from the inside, and the decoration of the appearance can only play an auxiliary role. For the majority of middle-aged and elderly people, make-up skills cannot help you restore your attractive appearance in essence. More importantly, you must face your age bravely and adjust yourself psychologically. If a person wants not to appear old, the first thing is to have a mentality. As long as you maintain such a mentality, your appearance and charm will not lose the style of the past.