10 strange dog breeds, the last one you’ve never seen before.

Dogs are such lovely pets. They are playful, submissive, and protected. If you live on Earth, you probably see a lot of dogs. We have many common types of dogs in our home. There are some unique dog breeds that most people have probably never seen or heard of. Some breeds are special and different from the common dog breeds that we see in our homes or on the streets and in people’s homes.

These unique dogs are of different sizes and shapes. They are very pretty, cute, and witty. There are few breeds of such dogs because of their small numbers. Here are dog breeds you’ve probably never heard of, and you should know how unique they are:

  1. Luo Qin dog

It’s a small dog, but it looks like a big dog. It is also known by the name “Little Poodle”. It is the rarest dog breed in the world. The Luo Qin is the most expensive dog in the world. The height and weight of these dogs are 8 to 14 inches and 3-9 kg, respectively. This dog has wavy hair that should not be curled. He is a playful, happy, intelligent dog.