9 Things Women Wear That Make Men Crazy

According to the research of scientists, there are three basic parameters in which we respect people: appearance, voice, and speech. It turns out that only 7% of first impressions depend on the topic of the conversation, 38% on tone and tone, and at most 55% on appearance. From simple calculations and scientific evidence, we can conclude that first impressions are the most important for both men and women.

Sister Yu will introduce you to 9 ways to make men interested in dressing today. There is no doubt that these options described will not work for everyone, and you still need to take into account the characteristics of your size and style.

  1. Sleeveless blouse

It seems difficult to get along with an outfit that is more elegant, sophisticated, and feminine than a bolero. A top that matches your body correctly can turn a woman into a goddess. That’s why in the summer, men become bolder and more often take the initiative to meet such girls. Because men can’t refuse to watch girls in fancy costumes that taut the curves of the body and let it flutter gracefully in the wind.

  1. Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans create a good figure and visually lengthen your legs. It’s much more elegant than leggings, as they hide body imperfections under dense fabrics. Also, this is the theme of most women’s wardrobes as it goes with almost most tops.

  1. Sweater

Cozy sweaters, especially oversized, make for a very sensual yet serene look. This sweater makes it clear that this girl’s sweater is not only comfortable but candidly complements her look. Make it feel beautiful.

  1. Sportswear and ponytails

The fact that a girl likes sports may make her a plus point in the eyes of a guy. Do you have your favorite team’s logo on the jersey you’re wearing? This can be the subject of conversations with men. But more importantly, girls in tracksuits look more youthful and carefree.

The same goes for ponytails. Loose ponytails are great, but dense ponytails also have many advantages: They show off fragile shoulders, a slender neck, and small ears. Could there be anything more feminine and refined than this?

  1. Slit dress

The mystery of women seems to be a fact known to men. It’s even better if it’s shown through alluring dresses and high-cut skirts. The beautiful skin of the hips, only occasionally falling into view, will stimulate interest and attract attention. But on different occasions, one should be careful with tones and patterns so as not to accidentally get into awkward situations.

  1. baseball cap

For some women, a baseball cap can make a great difference. It creates the image of a girl who is relaxed, athletic, confident, and exudes a relaxed vibe as if there is always no trouble around her. If you’ve ever thought that it’s all about covering up stale or poorly concealed hairstyles, then you may need to reconsider your approach to it.

  1. High waist jeans

These jeans focus men’s attention on their hips and make them look their best.

  1. White shirt

A simple white shirt with no frills, ruffles, and ruffles will almost always make an impression. After all, it creates the image of a ruthless lady, which only makes you more attractive. Of course, it may be better to combine jeans and heelless shoes.

  1. Pencil skirt

The girls were almost forced to move more slowly and smoothly due to the combination of the pencil skirt cut and the high heels. Also, skirts like this often constrict the waist, which gives you the shape of an hourglass.



It’s no secret that bare skin tends to attract attention, but you need to use it very carefully and wisely. For example, off-shoulders and necklines on skirts are acceptable and make the shape more attractive and elegant.

But sometimes to get the attention of the girls, many women prefer short skirts, low waist ties, and low waist jeans. It may lead to the opposite thought. Most men don’t like to dress like this.

Of course, there are many occasions when some merchants also create dubious variants of these liberating clothes, as shown in the picture above. But in this case, people should not forget common sense and blindly follow fashion trends. Wearing such clothes, you will indeed attract the attention of many men, but more men think it is indecent.