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15 bad signs of eating too much sugar, are you?

Have you broken the habit of eating foods high in added sugar? Does this mean that you are not eating too much sugar?


First of all, congratulations, if you have broken this bad habit, you have taken a big step toward healthy eating. But, from the vegetables and fruits, we eat every day, rice noodles, corn, and potatoes, sugar is everywhere. However, the amount of sugar contained in different foods and the harm of different types of sugar to the human body are also different.

China has become the country with the heaviest diabetes burden in the world. Although diabetes does not mean that you eat too much sugar, diabetes does have an inseparable relationship with the amount of sugar you eat and the type of sugar you usually eat.

Today we will let you know, what is sugar? How to eat sugar, plus 15 subtle signs that you’re eating too much sugar.

What is sugar?


Sugar is the simplest form of carbohydrate, your body’s preferred form of energy, and is eventually broken down into glucose by the body. The body is inseparable from sugar, but too much sugar can put the body at risk of many diseases.

Generally, we divide sugar into natural sugar and added sugar. Natural sugars are carbohydrates found in various foods, such as sugars in fruits and vegetables, and sugars in starchy foods. Added sugar is sugar extracted from food, such as sucrose, maltose, etc. Generally, natural sugars are healthier than added sugars.

In addition, the content of natural sugars in different foods and the degree of influence on blood sugar are also different. For example, refined rice, noodles, and sugar in starchy foods can raise blood sugar quickly, so we generally recommend eating more whole grains. In addition, the sugar in fruits and vegetables will have much less impact on the body.

By choosing sugar in your food according to these two rules, you can take another step forward in eating healthily.

Risks of too much sugar


When you cut your finger, it becomes red and swollen. This is your body’s normal inflammatory response to repair itself. However, chronic inflammation is not healthy. Several studies have shown that diets high in sugar can increase blood sugar, free radicals, and compounds that increase inflammation. Make the inflammatory response longer and more intense.

Over time, too much sugar can increase your risk of obesity, increase your risk of diabetes, and possibly even increase your risk of chronic diseases such as certain cancers and heart disease.

Some studies also suggest that sugar may reduce the diversity of healthy bacteria in your gut in as little as a week, dulling your digestive system. At the same time, foods that are naturally rich in fiber (eg, fruits, and vegetables) have a positive effect on the contrary.

Seeing this, do you want to know how to tell if you are eating too much sugar? Here are 15 signs, and if you fit a few of them, then unfortunately I’m telling you, you’re probably consuming too much sugar.

  1. Lots of acne around your mouth and chin

While experts say severe acne has nothing to do with the vast majority of people’s diet, some recent studies have linked acne to eating too many sugary foods. In theory, sugar increases hormone production and is linked to the inflammatory hormone acne. And this type of acne usually appears on the chin and around the mouth.

If you’re struggling with acne and don’t know-how, cutting back on added sugars in your diet may help.