6 of the Best Health Benefits of a Smile

Why laughter can treat insomnia, relieve tension, relieve stress, and improve interpersonal relationships? According to various studies, evidence and reports, the reasons are summarized as follows.

  1. Promote blood circulation and increase metabolism

The University of Maryland in the United States conducted an experiment to observe that when watching a comedy film, 19 out of 20 people’s arterial blood flow on the pulse will increase, because laughing can strengthen the heart contraction, the heart rate, and the cardiac output. When laughing, the muscles connecting the limbs also move together. During the process of accelerating the process of external oxygen inhalation and internal blood flow, the metabolism of the whole body is promoted, thereby improving the body’s disease resistance; because sufficient blood circulation can accelerate the reduction of harmful substances in the blood. The toxins, sugar, fat and lactic acid in the human body can also be decomposed faster; at the same time, the nutrients are transported to the peripheral skin through the smooth blood circulation to discharge the deposited waste, improve the skin quality, and have cosmetic effects.

  1. Analgesic and antihypertensive effects

When we laugh, the nerve cells in the brain release a substance called B-endorphin, which is a pain reliever with no side effects. Hormone for pain relief; B-endorphin substances also relax some blood vessel walls such as cortical tissue in the body, so as to repair blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.

  1. Promote lung function

Because when we laugh, the nose and mouth open, the lungs expand, the lung capacity increases, and a large amount of oxygen is inhaled to bring out carbon dioxide, so laughing not only makes the respiratory system smoother, but also promotes lung function.

  1. Promote digestion

Laughter is also an effective digestive agent. When laughing happily, the shoulders will shrug, the chest will sway, and the diaphragm will vibrate, so that the internal organs will be massaged. Helps digestion and absorption of food and enhances gastrointestinal function.

  1. Lose weight

The researchers pointed out that 80 groups of muscles twitch in the body when laughing, and 1 minute of laughing is equivalent to 45 minutes of exercise. That is to say, the human body consumes 20% more calories in a laughing state than in a serious state, so if you smile happily for 10-15 minutes every day, you can consume 50 kcal of calories, and you can lose 2KG in one year. More importantly It can also promote abdominal muscles that are rarely exercised.

  1. Relieve stress

Laughter is the best way to relax. Whether it’s real or fake, it’s good for the body and mind. When you smile, the pleasure center of the brain is excited; in the face of stress and negative emotions, when you try to fake a smile, it also stimulates the relevant areas of the brain related to pleasant feelings.

So, since there are so many benefits to laughing, please laugh out loud when it’s time to laugh, don’t worry about the wrinkles at the corners of your eyes, because you were the most beautiful at that time; if you feel lost, depressed, or sad, you might as well Look in the mirror, grin and raise the corners of your mouth, narrow your eyes, and pull down your eyebrows to try to make a smiling expression, try to feel the relaxation and relief brought by a smile, and realize a different life.